Kung Fu

Kung Fu 2

A brutal slice of retro gaming


  • Fast paced action
  • Good variety of enemies
  • Excellent 8-bit sound


  • No easy mode

Very good

Kung Fu 2 is an unofficial sequel to a Nintendo console beat 'em up release from 1984.

While the sound and graphics have been updated significantly, they are still very 8-bit in style. Nevertheless, unless you turn it off, this is a very bloody game! You are on a mission to save your girl (for a change), and you do this by punching, kicking dodging and jumping your way through wave after wave of enemies.

Control starts of really simple, and as you progress, your character learns new moves, which are a little more complex. The important thing with this type of game is responsiveness, and Kung Fu 2 doesn't disappoint. While the action is hard, you move quickly, and any dying is very much your fault! There are boss fights along the way, and they are all challenging, and sometimes quite amusing thanks to some great sound effects.

Kung Fu 2 is clearly a lovingly made tribute, and retro fans will really get into it. For players who missed 80s gaming, it will look pretty bad, and possibly be too hard. You'll need fast fingers to get through the bloody action, so difficulty levels would have been good!

Kung Fu 2 is a perfect homage to 2D scrolling beat 'em ups, but doesn't make any concessions to modern gaming. It is still fantastic, though!

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